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Despite our expertise with garage doors, we are specialized in a particular aspect of our industry. We manufacture pass through doors within garage doors.

The pass through door made by Les Portes Ararat is made to be solid and reliable. In general, pass through doors cover 4 panels of the garage door and our system ensures that there is solidity and wind proofing on the entire length of the door.

The pass through doors by Portes Ararat are equipped with ingenious security systems, our doors give you more. In general, a doorway for a garage door extends over 4 panels. At Les Portes Ararat, we use a special system that ensures that the four panels that make up our passage doors are held together securely and adhere with the garage door. The strength of your doorway is sure.


When a pass through door is installed along with a garage door opener, we highly recommend installing a cut-off switch. This add-on will prevent the operation of the garage door opener if the pass through door is open. Thus, avoiding damage on your garage door, your house or even someone who may be crossing through the door.


Since every pass through door is custom made, it is possible to add certain personnal touches to each door. The available options are (not limited to) : a door viewer, a hydraulic door closer, a cut-off switch, a panic bar, insulated glass windows or stained glass.

What to expect

A standard door comes with a silver colored lever handle, a silver colored dead lock, an aluminium piano hinge and a protector chain.

Transformation with a pass through door

Adding a pass through door has many advantages. See the difference after adding the pass door in your current garage door or in a whole new door.

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